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sk8skool Newsletter 23 Aoû 2014 10:37 #42609

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Fans questions - "Outside edge"
The question; "At faster speeds there is a loss of comfort with the double push method. How does one maintain that comfort of being on the outside edge with the foot that is under your body?"

Great question. Simple answer... you need to skate faster more often to get comfortable with it. But I hear you say; "we can't just skate faster more, we get tired, or over-trained". Yes. Good point. So that is where downhill skating comes in, or doing motor pacing. We do a lot of skating downhill as this gives you the necessary speed without getting too tired. You don't need a steep hill, just something to give you a little extra speed than on the flat. (Even tailwind on a windy day will be good). Then you can really learn to be comfortable with the outside edge without overtraining. Same applies for motorpace behind a scooter or moped. (Only on private closed roads of course, and in a safe environment, using every possible safety precaution and under the supervision of an experienced professional coach. I do not recommend this for amateurs. Professionals only.)

Alors viendez tous travailler votre "outside edge" à Longchamp derriere les vélos! ;)

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Re: sk8skool Newsletter 28 Aoû 2014 11:08 #42672

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Je la reçoit aussi la newsletter que de précieux conseil !
Reste plus qu'à mettre en pratique
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Re: Divers 07 Sep 2014 20:25 #42761

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